1) Question: What is Enobin.com?

Answer: enobin.com is one of the Business to Consumer e-commerce & reward site. It is an online retail shop that enables anyone in Bangladesh to purchase different items/products through online. Products can be bought either is cash or enobin reward points.

Question: Do I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?

Answer: Yes. You have to register onto our site. In registering process you are required to share some of your basic information such as name, contact number, address ,etc.

Question: How do I create an enobin.com account?

Answer: To create an enobin.com account,

– Visit www.enobin.com

– Click on the Login/Logout tab.

– Fill up the right side column to Sign Up

– Fill the required blank fields mentioning your email address, phone number and a password according to your convenience.

– Lastly click on “Submit” button and be a registered enobin.com member

Question: What type of products do you sell online?

Answer: enobin.com offers a range of products starting from t-shirts, electronics, mobiles, shoes, apparels, kitchen appliances to toys, household items, pen-pencil, notebooks, money bag, belts, accessories and many more.

Question: Am I billed as soon as I join enobin.com?

Answer: NO. You are only billed when you place an order online to purchase any item from the site.

Question: Is my info safe?

Answer: YES. We strictly maintain our customer confidentiality policy and DO NOT  share personal information with any other third party at circumstances. Your data is encrypted through https private data transfer process.

Question: What if I forget my password?

Answer: If you have forgotten your password,

– Visit www.enobin.com.

– Click on Sign In button.

You will be redirected to a page where there will be an option stating “ LOST YOUR PASSWORD?”. Click on that button to be directed to a new page.

– You will be required to fill up a field mentioning your email address which was used during registration at enobin.com.

– After you have provided your email address, click on “reset password”

– Check your email inbox for notification on new password.

Question: What are the payment options at enobin.com?

Answer: Right now we only offer Cash on delivery & reward points in opposite to waste exchange program.